After 22 years of success of the Foundation it was decided to take up the offer to move the research and education programmes created by the foundation into SAHMRI.  This will shore up the long term work of the Foundation into the future.  The move will broaden funding for both research and education opportunities allowing them to expand and flourish into the future, something it could not do as a standalone organisation.

Neil Sachse said “being at SAHMRI will make a great difference to work we can do as it will give day to day access to researchers, the development of the isotopes within the cyclotron, the high-end new imaging equipment at the centre Dr Doctor Jones & Partners have recently installed into SAHMRI and Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital next door. Something unobtainable previously.”

Steve Wesselingh, SAHMRI’s CEO spoke to the audience on how the Neil Sachse Foundation was a good fit for what SAHMRI wanted to do with both research and education programs.   He suggested that SAHMRI could help make things grow and how important it was to have short turnaround research projects like “Project Discovery” within its walls.

 On Wednesday 15th March we celebrated the transition from the Neil Sachse Foundation into SAHMRI.  The Foundation has changed its name to the SAHMRI – Neil Sachse Centre positioned in the Mind and Brain Theme.

We were honoured to have as our Keynote Speaker Emeritus Professor Alan Mackay-Sim, 2017 Australian of the Year and to launch the foundation into SAHMRI.  He spoke of the history of spinal cord injury and the benefit of the imaging system “Project Discovery” will deliver and how this will assist his work on stem cell research.  The Professor also stressed the importance and need to continue with great research that was being undertaken in South Australia and commended the government for setting up the North Terrace precinct.

We must thank Alan Mackay-Sim for taking the time to come from Brisbane down to Adelaide to launch the Neil Sachse Foundation into SAHMRI.

Included for your interest is a copy of our new logo so that you can recognise it and continue supporting the work we do.