Neil to appear on the Footy Show

Dear reader.

AFL round 2 – Richmond and Western Bulldogs Football Clubs at the MCG (April 11) are prepared to recognise the memory of Neil’s accident 40 years ago.  They will allow Neil to talk at the Presidents Lunch and run ads on the big screen.

The message on the day will be as follows I never had a chance to thank anyone back 40 years and the message I would like to get through on the weekend of the anniversary is as follows.

I would like to thank the sporting community that were involved back in 1975-76 who raised funds for my family and myself after my accident. The money gave me the opportunity to get by until I had time to start to feel well again and understand what I could do to be a useful member of the community. I think 40 years later the generosity of the community to underpin my family was a catalyst for why I am here today.

My accident 40 years ago because it was recorded on TV also changed how people are treated after any injury. I believe my injury was a significant milestone that changed a whole raft of medical approaches.

I would like to ask the football community to again assist me not on a personal basis but the foundation that I have created 20 years ago to help others so we can continue the process of changing medical approaches to benefit society.  Our next project we believe is a significant step again that will change diagnostics that have been around for well over 50 years. I hope the sporting community will again help by donating this time to the foundation.