Project Discovery Update

Guests were invited to attend an update on the progress of Project Discovery.

Rather than have Key Note Speakers it was decided to have an on the coach type session who explained their role in the research Professor Prab Takhar, Professor Julio Licinio, Ryan Doig all from SAHMRI and Professor Brian Freeman Head of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

It was great to have in the audience people like Doctor Ruth Marshall head of Hampstead Spinal Cord Injury Unit, neurosurgeon YH Yau International spine Centre and Professor Jillian Clark who were prepared to ask pertinent questions to the panel.

During the end of last year we were able to appoint a research fellow who has a background in spinal cord injury to drive Project discovery to the next level.  Ryan Doig, in the short time he has been on the project, has already gained ethical approval to test FDG and GE 180 in a research bench setting for spinal cord injury.  Each FDG compound will be used as the trial to ensure the GE 180 has a better uptake within the spinal cord.  Once these tests have been proven we can then move on to the same test within humans which we hope will happen towards the end of the year.  It will lead to further testing to see which is the best time point to use the GE 180 in a new spinal cord Injury.  Expectations are this will happen within use within two years.   We must thank the Independent Gaming Authority for providing the funds to install a quality control equipment.  Also the DaCosta Foundation for putting money towards the FlowRAM equipment, both pieces being essential in making the project happen.  We also must thank the Lifetime Support Authority’s for supporting this work and paying for the salaries to make this happen.  The importance of all this work was made more meaningful when Alan Mackay-Sim came to Adelaide to launch the foundation within SAHMRI. He highlighted how important the new imaging system will be in developing any new treatments for spinal cord injury.

Future fundraising events this year continuing to support “Project Discovery are Race Day at Morphettville and the Project Discovery Classic, our 3 day bike ride around the picturesque Southern Vales