turnbull built

Turnbull Built is privileged to be partnering with the Neil Sasche Centre for Spinal Cord Research. At Turnbull Built our passion is to create quality custom built homes for South Australian’s and their families. A home that is not only bespoke, of the highest quality and functional in its application but a home that creates a haven for its owners to relax, enjoy and at times, rejuvenate from life’s many challenges. This safe haven provides protection and a sanctuary in which to recharge and recover.

The work being done by the Neil Sasche Centre focuses heavily on research to assist the recovery journey of those who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Providing research and striving towards new innovative technology in particular the new PET imaging techniques which are expected to revolutionise the diagnosis and prognosis of spinal cord injury, provide hope, knowledge and assistance in the vital recovery and rehabilitation journey.

 Turnbull Built is delighted to support a foundation with such unwavering drive and commitment to the betterment of others.
Adam Turnbull the owner of Turnbull Built started building over 30 years ago, learning the tricks of the trade from his father in law, a second-generation builder himself.
Over his career, Adam has completed hundreds of new homes and renovations with many of these being recognised as industry award winning homes including his own home awarded Renovation of the Year 2008.
Adam takes a hands-on approach to managing Turnbull Built and he takes a personal interest in every stage of the design and construction of his clients’ homes. Turnbull Built homes have been recognised by our clients as leaders in construction excellence and design innovation. We are renowned for our unwavering attention to detail and high standards of customer service.