VIDEO – Impossible is just a State of Mind, Dr Dinesh Palipana

The Neil Sachse Centre had the privilege of hosting a presentation from Queensland’s first quadriplegic medical intern, now Doctor – Dinesh Palipana. Dinesh is a doctor, lawyer, disability advocate, researcher and the second person with quadriplegia to graduate medical school in Australia.

Through Zoom, Dinesh talked about that night his life changed forever. He was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident that caused a cervical spinal cord injury. A medical student at the time, Dinesh shared the very moment his dream of becoming a doctor flashed right before his eyes after losing feeling in the bottom half of his body. Incredibly, one of the paramedics with him at the time of his accident just so happened to be one of his lecturers from medical school. He was there to reassure him that everything would be alright.

Conversely, Dinesh spoke about how disappointed he was after learning from a doctor that spinal cord injury research just wasn’t achievable in Australia. He was heartbroken to think that in Australia, at the Gold Coast University Hospital (the most expensive hospital built in Australia at the time) there was apparently no capability for spinal cord injury research. On the other hand, Dinesh speaks about finding inspiration from Graeme Clark after hearing him share the sacrifices he made when creating the Cochlear implant. “It’s impossible,” he was told – just as Dinesh was told “it’s impossible” he would ever be able to be a doctor after his injury. Today, however, he works in Australia’s busiest emergency department.

From there Dinesh’s motto was born – Impossible is just a State of Mind.

Take a look at the video below, where Dinesh explains the importance of state of mind.

Dinesh goes on to speak about the importance of hope, finding your purpose, relationships and his mum as his best friend.

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